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Boiler Maintenance & Repair

Boiler Maintenance & Repair

Appalachian Mechanical is your total solutions contractor for industrial boiler installation, repair, and maintenance services. We excel in complete boiler installation, repair, and maintenance services for any factories, facilities, refineries, and plants with boilers. We can and will always perform in the most professional, experienced manner. We have earned our valued reputation for safety, quality and production through consistent performance that has allowed us to acquire and retain many satisfied repeat customers. All of our millwright construction expert work force is hired out of local unions, ensuring that they have the training and experience to get the job done right.

Appalachian Mechanical’s first order of business is to listen to your needs and understand the issues that you are having with your boiler. We develop a thorough plan and work procedures according to your specific requirements. Let Appalachian Mechanical focus on the day to day, while you focus on productivity and reliability.

Appalachian Mechanical is qualified for:

  • Boiler constructing
  • Boiler fabricating
  • Boiler installations
  • Boiler maintaining
  • Boiler repairing
  • Boiler retrofits

Complete Boiler & Heater Services

Appalachian Mechanical always takes an innovative approach to all aspects at hand, from installations to repairs, and even maintenance. We are highly skilled and experienced in the installation, repair, maintenance, and removal of all type of boilers, pressure vessels, and boiler components including, but not limited to:

  • Air heaters
  • Air preheaters’ baskets & frames
  • All aspects of piping
  • All type boiler-heater repair
  • All types of welded repairs
  • Boiler drum repair
  • Boiler re-tubing and repairs
  • Boiler shell repair
  • Boiler structure steel
  • Boiler tube crack repair
  • Boiler-heater headers
  • Breeching
  • Burners & burner management installation
  • Conveyors
  • Corrugated furnace repair
  • Dampers
  • Ductwork
  • Economizers
  • Expansion joints
  • Fire tube or water tube boilers
  • Generating tube sections
  • Precipitators
  • Re-heaters
  • Screen tubes
  • Super heaters
  • Total or partial generating tube sections
  • Tube & nozzle addition or replacement
  • Tube replacements
  • Tube sheet repairs or replacement

Your time and equipment efficiency are valuable. Appalachian Mechanical can provide the trained professionals able to keep your equipment in top working order at a minimal downtime for your equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our millwright maintenance services and learn why Appalachian Mechanical is the contractor for you. Contact us by calling 740-646-3950 or by Requesting a Quote.

Appalachian Mechanical is a millwright company that utilizes high precision craftsman or tradesman who installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles, and moves machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites. All of our craftsman and tradesman expert work force is hired out of local unions, ensuring that they have the training and experience to get the job done right.


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